Laceeis Corset Kit replace zipper make dress fit perfectly alteration alterations

Your dress can fit with our Corset Kit! Replace the zipper or buttons!

Welcome to the solution for altering a dress that does not fit.  With our Corset kit you can make your dress fit perfectly!


Made in USA !!! - - Ships in 1-3 Days FAST even for custom orders!   Many Colors, Fabrics and Lengths are available.

Corset Kit includes two ready to install fabric loops parts, matching modesty panel, and a matching lace-up tie.

The loop parts are reinforced for strength. Constructed with easy to sew boning for a professional finish and easy installation. No extra fabric that adds bulk to your dress.

Simple to install, even over a zipper in 3 easy steps. Video installation instructions along with written instructions are provided.

Go with the original Laceéis Corset Kit! Replace the zipper or buttons on your dress for a professional perfect fit!

Laceeis Corset Kits

The solution to making your dress fit perfectly!


Corset  Kit  Sewing  Instructions


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